The latest version of My Lovefilm Mobile for Windows Phone was published today so I wanted to run through a couple of features that have been added since launch.


Today’s update added a watch trailer button to the app bar in title views. You’ll see this whenever you view one of the titles you have at home, in your list or when you search/browse for a title.

Unfortunately not all titles will have trailers (Lovefilm don’t provide API users with access to their vast trailer library). There are around 1000 titles with trailers so far, and I hope to get good coverage of new releases from now on.


The previous update that was published in mid April added a somewhat hidden feature called filters. In the browse screen for new releases, coming soon and genres you’ll now find an apply filter option in the app bar menu.

This allows you to apply some quite powerful filtering to results, something I’ve felt the website has needed for some time.

You can choose which decades you want results from and which genres to include (or exclude) in your search. For example, if I don’t want to see Horror films or Special interest (documentaries about knitting) I can remove them from my results. You can of course combine this with the disc filters (blu-ray, dvd, hd-dvd) and type of title (tv, film) to get a result set that is of interest to you.

You’ll notice that there is a small notification to remind you that a filter is active as filters are saved between sessions.

The future

I have some updates & improvements planned which I’ll be implementing over the coming months, and hope to take advantage of some of the amazing platform improvements mango will bring later this year.

If you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see or things that you think could be improved please let me know, either from within the app, from the website or on twitter.

Finally, I’d like to say a huge thanks to those of you that have taken the time to contact me, rate the app, or leave a review. It’s great to see another bunch of happy users whenever I open the marketplace, so thanks!